Pickup Cube

A smart locker with intelligent shelving allowing for multiple parcels to be dropped off and picked up.
Pickup Cube Apudos August 10, 2022
Cost Effective

A great alternative to individual lockers saving space and costs

100% Acceptance

All parcels can be delivered regardless of the courier or size of the parcel

Improve Service

Provide a secure 24/7 pickup solution for your busy tenants

Failed deliveries cost a lot of money
As opposed to individual lockers multiple parcels are delivered to a single cube where tenants collect.

Pickup Cubes are free standing and can be placed in a parcel room, hallways or lobbies. Each Cube has adjustable shelves which are dedicated to a range of unit numbers. Often referred to as a community parcel locker they provide the most sophisticated self service security features.

The average number of parcels that can be delivered to a Pickup Cube
Your tenants will never miss a delivery again
Drop Off

Delivery driver will deliver the parcel to the allocated Cube based on the Apartment Number.


Tenant is notified a parcel is ready to pick up with a QR code and a image of the parcel waiting for them


Tenant scans QR code at the Cube and collects in seconds.

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Offer tenants a 24/7 safe, secure and digital pick up experience at your property

Delivery Notification

Tenants receive a notification and image of their parcel when a delivery is made to a locker

Pickup Options

Tenants can collect by scanning a QR code or numeric pickup code

Proof of Pickup

Choose between contactless collection or capture a signature on pickup

With Apudos your tenants have complete freedom to pickup when they want. Better still it’s super quick and pretty cool…


Seconds to pickup
Place Anywhere

Our Cubes can go in lobbies, hallways or in a dedicated parcel room. A dedicated Cube is allocated for oversize parcels.

Intelligent Shelving

The Cube identifies which shelf the parcel should be stored or is awaiting collection, including showing the image to the tenant on collection.


Why Apudos

100% Acceptance

All parcels coming through your door regardless of size can be delivered into our lockers.

Know How

Our technology is built from the ground up based on over 20 years experience.


We manufacture our lockers, they can be made to fit any space and match your interior design.

On Brand

All tenant notifications can be branded as can all interactive screens.


Our lockers go through a rigorous quality control process and also come with a 5 year guarantee.


Best in class security features. Integrated camera's so every interaction is logged and available.


Solutions for every property type, from simple to complex we got you covered.


Dedicated Account Management and customer support for you and your tenants.


Can be used as a stand alone system or can be integrated with property portals / apps.

Flexible pricing to fit with your property budgets. Simple monthly pricing or purchase options, the choice is yours.

Real time data on every locker in use and available

As a Property Manager you will have access to our intuitive parcel locker dashboard so your always in control.

Analytics Dashboard

Optimise your operations with locker usage and delivery statistics, manage users and notification rules.

Parcel Records

Dive into a specific delivery or pickup, view proof of collection signatures, and video surveillance.


Your tenants expectations are changing, are you?

Installing our digital Pickup solution allows your residents to receive and pick up deliveries 24/7. They receive a notification with the image of their parcel and a secure pickup code so they can collect their parcel when they want.