Pickup App

Parcel management made easy
Pickup App Apudos August 10, 2022

Use any smart phone


Take an image of the label


Notifications sent automatically

The Pickup App makes parcel tracking simple
Log Parcel

Using any smart phone take an image of the label and it recognises the recipients name


Tenant is notified a parcel is ready to pick up with a QR code and a image of the parcel waiting for them


Tenant shows pickup QR code, scan this to locate the parcel, simple!

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Frictionless Registration

Tenant data can be synced directly with your Property Management System or a tenant registration page can be provided.

Branded Notifications

Emails and SMS in your brand as standard. We can also integrate with any resident portal or app.

With the Apudos Pickup app it takes seconds to log every parcel, saving valuable time and keeping a log of every delivery.


Seconds to scan a parcel.

Get set up in a matter of minutes with a simple low cost monthly payment

Smart features to help you deal with deliveries
Easy recording

Our app uses the camera on your phone to match the name on the label to the right tenant.

Instant recipient recognition

Using character recognition the parcel is matched to the delivery company and tenant.

Full Visibility

Every parcel is logged from when it arrives, where it's stored and when it's picked up.

Property Team Access

Control staff access to the various areas of the platform, add and remove staff anytime.

Proof of Pickup

Control what you capture on pick up, from contactless to digital signatures on collection.

Parcel Notifications

Set your notification rules, to alert residents of a delivery, or a reminder to come by and pickup.

Scan to shelf

Unique scan to shelf location feature so your teams can easily locate any parcel anytime.

Manager Dashboard

Track total deliveries by arrival date and time, the key data and trends at your fingertips.

Satisfaction System

Enable tenant satisfaction surveys on any pick up to measure your performance.


Leading the way through technology and service.

We know parcels, we understand people, and we also get the reality on the ground. That’s why we have a dedicated virtual concierge support team to help tenants, couriers and property managers.