Transforming Parcel Deliveries with Advanced Parcel Systems for Residential Buildings Apudos July 25, 2023

Transforming Parcel Deliveries with Advanced Parcel Systems for Residential Buildings

The rise in the daily volume of shipped goods can be attributed to the simplicity of online shopping and the allure of incentives like free and immediate delivery.
As parcel management undergoes continuous evolution, it poses challenges for various managed properties. Adapting systems and processes becomes crucial as the volume and diversity of incoming shipments change. Without a well-defined policy for parcel management, issues can surface, potentially leading to tenant dissatisfaction.

Unattended residential buildings face unique hurdles, such as missed deliveries and items left in insecure locations due to the absence of someone to receive packages. Moreover, unattended reception areas can become cluttered with accumulated packages, posing both logistical obstacles and security risks.

To address these challenges, residential property managers are increasingly turning to technological solutions. Implementing electronic parcel tracking and secure storage accessible to tenants at any time for contactless retrieval provides an effective way to manage incoming packages without requiring additional personnel or storage space.

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In this article, we will explore the concept of Parcel systems for residential buildings and its ability to reduce reliance on property staff while enhancing tenant satisfaction. Additionally, we will delve into the various benefits that Parcel Systems bring to residential buildings.

1. Unravelling the Efficiency of Parcel Systems for Residential Buildings

A Parcel System or a Parcel Locker is a secure storage box where couriers, delivery firms, and residents may deposit items for pickup.

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It offers a simple, secure, and efficient distribution method. Parcel systems for residential buildings are extremely practical and helpful methods of keeping goods and mail. Smart Parcel Lockers, on the other hand, differ slightly from your conventional physical lockers.

Smart Parcel Lockers are powered by management software and integrations that make them smart enough to satisfy the demands of modern residential buildings. They keep the parcels safe and accessible. When a parcel has to be retrieved from a Parcel Locker, the tenant simply scans QR code and enters a secure collection code at the locker to retrieve their parcel in seconds.

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2. Tailored Solutions: Parcel Lockers for Every Residential Property Size

Apudos Parcel Lockers provide a simple and secure solution for properties of any size. As the lockers are custom-made they can fit any space within the property. For example, lobbies, hallways, or even inside a dedicated parcel room.

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3. Streamlined Deliveries: The Functioning of Residential Building Parcel Systems

Couriers can deliver parcels big or small to tenants at the property in a matter of seconds by simply searching by tenant’s name or door number.

Once the tenant has been found, the system will also ask the courier to capture an image of the parcel label, which will be sent to the tenant.

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The final step is simply selecting the appropriate locker size needed for the parcel. For any oversized or unusually shaped parcels, there are also oversized lockers to ensure that 100% of incoming parcels can be delivered successfully the first time.

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The Apudos system instantly sends a notification to the tenant informing them of their new delivery, and that it’s awaiting collection. The Parcel Lockers provide the ultimate convenience as they are available 24/7.

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The tenant visits the locker and enters their collection code, completes a signature capture which provides proof of pickup, the locker door then pops open, and they can retrieve their parcel.

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4. Strengthened Security: Ensuring Parcel Protection with Smart Lockers

1) Built with high-quality materials

Apudos Parcel Locker Systems are made of solid steel and secured to the ground or a wall, making it extremely secure. Physically removing the locker system would need heavy-duty equipment.

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2) Safe and secure access

Every locker is protected by security cameras, and the technology maintains a record of each step of the delivery process through to collection..

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5. Elevating Tenant Convenience: The Impact of Parcel Lockers in Residential Living

1) Streamlined Deliveries

According to CityLogistics, data revealed a significant decrease in courier time spent inside the building, up to 50-60%, as well as reduced delivery vehicle stay time at the curb by 33%.

2) Improved Tenant Convenience

Management of residential buildings are embracing electronic alerts for parcel handling. It eliminates the need of concierge or reception staff to transport items from the lobby to tenants’ doorsteps.

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3) 24/7 Accessibility

Smart Parcel Lockers provide carriers, couriers, property managers, and tenants with a convenient one-stop pick-up and delivery solution available 24/7.

4) Simplicity and Safety

By utilising secure on-site Parcel Lockers instead of leaving parcels in reception areas or burdening personnel with deliveries, managed residential complexes can ensure a stress-free experience for tenants, knowing their items are safely stored and easily accessible.

6. Conclusion

As online shopping continues to surge in popularity, the importance of efficient parcel deliveries cannot be overstated. Well-organised and streamlined parcel management becomes a significant selling point for attracting prospective new tenants and a key factor in retaining existing ones within residential buildings.

Parcel lockers have revolutionised the delivery and retrieval process, offering users a simple, secure, and highly efficient alternative to conventional delivery and storage methods. Understanding how Parcel Lockers function empowers you to make the best choice for your specific needs. Embracing this modern solution can elevate your parcel management process and enhance the overall living experience for your tenants.

And if you have yet to implement a Residential Building Parcel System and would like to experience its true benefits in action, Apudos can help. We invite you to get in touch with the Apudos team to discover how Apudos can transform your parcel management process, elevating your tenants’ living experience to new heights!