How Package Rooms Elevate Your Residents Living Experience Apudos July 21, 2023

How Package Rooms Elevate Your Residents Living Experience

Over recent months, unattended packages left in residential building foyers have become a worrying trend. Amazon deliveries are often left out in the open, visible to all, creating an increased risk of theft, as noted by The Guardian. As a countermeasure, property staff have found themselves stretched thin, available from 9 AM to sometimes 10 PM, to receive and manage these Amazon deliveries, which often arrive late in the evening. The brunt of this challenge falls onto concierge and reception staff, who are tasked with managing an influx of deliveries, tracking down residents, ensuring security, and preventing package mix-ups, among other responsibilities.

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To remedy these challenges and streamline the package delivery process, the innovative solution of Package Rooms has emerged. Package Rooms not only enhance the delivery experience for residents but also ease the burden on property staff, allowing them to focus on their core duties.

In this article, we delve into what Package Rooms are, their importance, and how they can significantly enhance the living experience for your residents. Additionally, we’ll spotlight six key benefits that Package Rooms offer to residential buildings.

1. Understanding Package Rooms

Package Rooms, as their name suggests, are dedicated areas within residential buildings, specifically designed to simplify the package delivery process. They serve as a centralised drop-off point where delivery couriers can leave packages securely, ensuring their safe storage until residents collect them.

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Equipped with advanced hardware, digital screens for guidance, and support features for couriers and residents, Package Rooms are a breakthrough technology. They not only bolster security and convenience for package deliveries but also amplify property management efficiency. By offering a fully integrated system, Package Rooms allow property managers quick access to delivery data, thereby eliminating the paper trail and cutting labour costs.

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2. Unpacking the Apudos Smart Pick-Up Room Functionality

The Apudos Smart Pick-Up Room lets any courier swiftly deliver packages to residents at your property using a self-serve kiosk, negating the need for property staff intervention. The courier enters the resident’s details, captures an image of the package, and notes if the package is oversized or perishable.

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The integrated intercom system provides direct support from couriers to our team for any queries.

Once packages are registered in the kiosk, the secure door to the Package Room unlocks, allowing the courier to enter and place the packages in the designated zones.

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For residents, the Apudos system instantly notifies them of their package delivery, providing them with a one-time access code for secure collection and an image of the package.

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They then go to the kiosk, enter their collection code, sign to provide proof of pickup, and retrieve their package. With Apudos, residents can access their packages 24/7, 365 days a year.

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3. Package Rooms Keep Residents’ Packages Safe

With Apudos, package safety is a priority. Residents are immediately notified via text or email upon the arrival of their package.

They can pick it up using the unique code supplied in the notification or through the dedicated Apudos mobile app.

Security cameras both inside and outside the Package Room capture every interaction, providing extra peace of mind.

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Property teams also have access to a dashboard to monitor room activity and package details in real-time

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4. Six Key Benefits of Package Rooms in Residential Buildings

1) Package Security

Residents can access their package with a secure code and signature, ensuring a 1:1 relationship between the resident and the Package Room.

2) Increased Efficiency

Smart Package Rooms enhance operational efficiency by eliminating manual handling, freeing up staff to focus on other important responsibilities.

3) Enhanced Resident Satisfaction

The convenience and security of Apudos’ Package Room lead to improved resident satisfaction.

4) Space Optimization

Package Rooms eliminate front office clutter, maintaining a tidy environment without sacrificing efficiency or space.

5) Courier Convenience

Apudos’ Smart Package Room offers a centralised location for package drop-offs, improving delivery counts and courier efficiency.

6) Robust Security and Tracking

The personalised code system and remote management capabilities of Package Rooms ensure package security and peace of mind.

5. Key Takeaways: Benefits of Apudos Package Rooms

  1. Security Cameras: Every interaction is recorded, providing peace of mind.
  2. Security: A unique access code and signature capture system ensure only the intended recipient can pick up the package.
  3. Efficiency: Streamlined package delivery and distribution with minimal property staff interaction.
  4. Resident Satisfaction: Improved experience through a hassle-free and secure method of receiving packages.
  5. Space Optimization: Reduces congestion in common areas and frees up space.
  6. Courier Convenience: Provides a centralised location for drop-offs, optimising courier routes.
  7. Real-Time Monitoring: Dashboard access for property teams to monitor room activity and package details.

6. Enhance Your Residents’ Living Experience with Apudos

In residential property management, enhancing residents’ living experience is paramount. While amenities like gyms and TV rooms play a part, the convenience and practicality of Package Rooms truly impact residents’ day-to-day lives.

If you’re struggling to manage the ever-increasing number of daily packages, Apudos offers a comprehensive solution. Our Package Rooms provide a multitude of benefits that not only elevate the living experience for residents but also streamline operations for your team.

To see the benefits of a package access room firsthand, contact the Apudos team for innovative package management solutions. Discover how Apudos can transform your package management process, taking your residents’ living experience to unprecedented levels!