Optimising Space in Residential Buildings with Parcel Rooms Apudos July 20, 2023

Optimising Space in Residential Buildings with Parcel Rooms

Are you a property manager tired of juggling countless parcel deliveries every day? Apudos Parcel Rooms might just be the game-changing solution you’ve been looking for.

Parcel Rooms are rapidly gaining prominence, transforming the way residential buildings handle the constant influx of parcel deliveries and maximising the utilisation of property space. Gone are the days when property staff had to be on standby from dawn till dusk, often as late as 10 PM, to accommodate the unpredictable delivery schedules of services like Amazon.

Such a system placed an enormous strain on property personnel, necessitating extra resources to manage the flood of incoming packages and ensure timely collection by residents. Reception and concierge staff bore the brunt of this delivery onslaught, juggling a multitude of tasks from managing delivery volumes, locating residents, ensuring security, and preventing parcel misplacements.

In the face of such challenges, Parcel Rooms have emerged as a game-changer, streamlining parcel deliveries in residential settings. This article will delve into the concept of Parcel Rooms, highlight their significance, and explore how they ingeniously optimise property space. Moreover, we will share five compelling advantages of implementing Parcel Rooms in residential buildings.

1. What Are Parcel Rooms?

As the name suggests, a Parcel Room is exactly what it sounds like. They are dedicated spaces within residential buildings specifically designed to streamline the parcel delivery process.

These rooms serve as centralised locations where delivery couriers and drivers, many of whom are self-employed, can securely drop off parcels, ensuring their safe storage until residents can retrieve them.

By streamlining the delivery process and offering secure storage, Parcel Rooms enhance the efficiency and security of the property.

Apudos parcel rooms

Parcel Rooms are complete rooms with sophisticated hardware, digital media screens, signage for wayfinding, and support for couriers and residents.

This relatively new technology not only enhances security and convenience for parcel deliveries but also improves overall property management efficiency. By offering a fully integrated system, Parcel Rooms provide property managers with instant access to delivery data, thus eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and reducing labour costs.

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2. How Do Parcel Rooms Enhance Your Property Space?

Parcel Rooms are highly adaptable, enabling transformation of an existing room, irrespective of its size, into a designated space for parcel deliveries. With the implementation of a smart Parcel Room, every square foot is maximised, thanks to efficient and scalable shelving systems.

This dynamic setup affords management companies the flexibility to modify their parcel handling capacity as per their evolving needs. Regardless of whether there’s a need to scale up or down, adjusting the shelving within the Parcel Room is both cost-effective and efficient.

Moreover, the transition to a Parcel Room is swift, with the entire setup often completed within a day. As there’s no requirement for staff presence around-the-clock, the training process is quick, straightforward and efficient.

In addition to optimising the use of space, Parcel Rooms also streamline the delivery process for couriers. They no longer need to worry about finding suitable space for parcels of varying sizes, thus eliminating haphazard placement or clutter.

3. How Do Parcel Rooms Work?

In order to ensure a smooth parcel delivery process for every delivery driver, today’s Parcel Rooms combine cutting-edge software and hardware technologies.

To allocate a delivery to the suitable-sized parcel box or shelf, couriers can deliver directly to the room using the self-service kiosk outside the room.

The courier scans each parcel at the kiosk and delivers it to the assigned shelf in the Parcel Room.

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When the parcel is delivered, the residents are notified immediately via text or email; they can pick it up using the secure one-time access code or by utilising the dedicated Apudos mobile app.

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After getting the notification, the resident will proceed to the Parcel Room, enter their code, and retrieve their parcel whenever they want, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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4. Are Self-Serve Parcel Rooms Safe For Residents’ Parcels?

Apudos technology streamlines parcel delivery by logging, retrieving, and distributing parcels promptly and efficiently with little to no interaction from property staff.

parcel rooms - Apudos parcel room security cameras

The Apudos Parcel Room has integrated security cameras, remote real-time video monitoring, and AI analytics.

parcel rooms - Real time video monitoring

By using the secure one-time access code. Only the person who receives the code notification can enter the Parcel Rooms and pick up the parcel.

5. What Are The Benefits Of A Parcel Room For Your Residential Building?

1) Release the need for property staff

With property staff on different shifts, locating parcels stored by another team member is also often a challenge, and the time taken handling parcels multiple times adds up.

Apudos supports courier and delivery companies in helping streamline the whole delivery process in residential areas by providing a secure, dedicated room for parcel management.

It can remove the need for residential building concierge and reception staff. It efficiently handles the logging, retrieval, and distribution of items without relying on these property staff.

2) Elevate The Living Experience

Parcel Rooms elevate the experience for residents by:

  • Allowing residents to receive deliveries at any time
  • Allowing access to couriers to avoid missed deliveries
  • Keeping parcel theft at bay
  • Ensuring that residents can still get parcels even when they’re not home

As mentioned above, when a delivery is made, residents are immediately notified via text or email. By using the one-time access code, residents can pick up the parcel whenever they want, 24/7.

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No property staff is required to sign for parcels, process them, or deliver them to recipients. The technology of an Apudos ‘self-service’ Parcel Room takes care of everything.

3) Enhancing Storage Capacity for Residents’ Parcels

Parcel Rooms in residential buildings provide ample, designated space specifically tailored to accommodate the storage of parcels. This serves to alleviate congestion in common areas like lobbies, while freeing up other property spaces for alternative uses.

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Apudos takes a strategic approach to optimise your property space, with allocations made according to the typical proportions of parcel sizes: 45% for small, 30% for medium, 14% for large, 11% for oversized parcels, and a further 12% devoted to perishable parcels. This smart distribution significantly elevates your residents’ experience by ensuring smooth and organised parcel storage.

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4) Increasing ROI By Implementing A Parcel Rooms

Consider the following: you’re paying someone to accept and sign for deliveries, organise and store products, and distribute them to residents. This procedure is time-consuming and takes away valuable time that could be better spent on more pressing matters.

A Parcel Room relieves your personnel of the responsibility of managing each delivery. Couriers can enter the room on their own, residents receive automatic delivery alerts, and can pick up parcels at any time.

5) Deliveries At Any Time, Irrespective Of Busy Periods

If you’re used to manually managing deliveries at your building, you understand how time-consuming it can be, especially when dealing with the high volume of deliveries during holiday seasons or events like Black Friday.

It’s not unusual for parcel delivery volumes to double or triple in November and December. Having a Parcel Room is a solution that relieves the pressure on property management during these demanding periods.

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6. How Can You Elevate Your Residents’ Living Experience Today?

Let’s take a moment to summarise the compelling benefits that Apudos Parcel Rooms bring to your residential building:

1) Optimal Use of Space: Apudos Parcel Rooms intelligently utilise available space, offering plentiful room for organised parcel storage and thereby reducing clutter in common areas.

2) Enhanced Parcel Security: Through the secure one-time access code system, only the intended recipient – the person who receives the code notification – can gain access to the Parcel Room to retrieve their parcel.

3) Unrivalled Advantages of Using Apudos Parcel Rooms

Resource Efficiency: Apudos Parcel Rooms liberate your concierge and reception resource from parcel management duties. The Apudos technology autonomously handles the logging, retrieval, and distribution of parcels, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

4) Elevates Residents’ Living Experience:

  • Ensuring round-the-clock parcel reception for residents
  • Granting couriers access to avoid missed deliveries
  • Safeguarding against parcel theft
  • Guaranteeing that residents can receive parcels even when they’re not at home

5) Maximised Storage Space: Apudos employs a strategic allocation of space for parcels of different sizes: 45% for small parcels, 30% for medium, 14% for large, 11% for oversized, and 12% for perishable parcels. This optimises the utilisation of your property space and significantly enhances your residents’ experience.

6) Boosted ROI: By relieving front of house resources from the time-consuming task of parcel management, they can be reassigned to other roles that contribute more significantly to profit generation.

7) Unrestricted Delivery Times: The self-service kiosk situated outside the room allows couriers to deliver parcels directly to the room. This ensures seamless parcel deliveries even during peak periods, such as holiday seasons or large-scale events like Black Friday.

7. Take Your Residents’ Living Experience to New Heights Today

As a property manager, enhancing your residents’ living experience sits at the core of your responsibilities. While amenities like gyms and TV rooms add value, the practicality and convenience offered by self-serve Parcel Rooms are paramount for modern residents.

If you’re grappling with the escalating daily influx of parcels, a dynamic and efficient solution is essential. This is where the Apudos Team steps in, fully cognisant of the vital role seamless parcel management plays in the day-to-day life of residents. Apudos Parcel Rooms deliver a wide array of benefits, not only enriching the resident experience but also streamlining your team’s operations.

If you have yet to implement a Parcel Room and would like to experience its true benefits in action, Apudos can help with a range of innovative parcel management solutions for all incoming deliveries.

We invite you to get in touch with the Apudos team to discover how Apudos can transform your parcel management process, elevating your residents’ living experience to new heights!