The Advantages of Parcel Lockers: A Smart Solution for Efficient Residential Building Deliveries Apudos August 9, 2023

The Advantages of Parcel Lockers: A Smart Solution for Efficient Residential Building Deliveries

With the continuous rise in eCommerce, residential buildings are facing an increasing volume of parcel deliveries, which poses several challenges in the parcel management process. To address these challenges, property managers are turning to technological solutions, and one of the most common and effective options is the implementation of Parcel Lockers. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Parcel Lockers in residential buildings and how they have become a preferred delivery option for modern property management.

Challenges of Parcel Management

Residential buildings encounter several challenges when handling parcel deliveries. These challenges include:

Resourcing – Handling parcel deliveries and ensuring safe delivery to tenants takes time, especially during seasonal peaks when staff may be on annual leave.

Availability – Tracking down tenants for deliveries can be difficult, resulting in wasted staff time and delayed deliveries.

Storage – Matching parcels with tenants quickly becomes challenging, leading to parcel build-up in lobbies and reception areas, causing clutter and inconvenience.

Security – Data privacy and protection are vital, necessitating secure postroom processes to avoid deliveries ending up with the wrong recipients and protect against potential theft.

Inefficiency – Increasing property staff to manage rising parcel volumes conflicts with the trend of doing more with less and investing in efficiency-enhancing technologies.

By sticking with established, largely manual, processes, pressures are only likely to increase, along with frustration for both property staff and tenants.

What Is A Parcel Locker?

A Smart Parcel Locker is a lockable storage box where parcels can be securely left for collection by carriers, delivery companies, and tenants in residential buildings. These lockers have gained popularity, especially during the pandemic, as they provide a safe and contactless option for parcel pick-up.

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How It Works

  1. Couriers can deliver parcels big or small to tenants at your property in a matter of seconds by simply searching by a tenant’s name or apartment number.
  2. Once the tenant has been found, the system will also ask the courier to capture an image of the parcel label which will be sent to the tenant.
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3. The appropriate locker size is selected for each parcel, including oversized lockers for unusual parcels, ensuring a seamless and secure fit for all deliveries.

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4. Tenants receive notifications via text or email with a secure collection code and QR code, allowing them to retrieve their parcel via the touch screen at their convenience.

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The Advantages of Parcel Lockers Offer

Implementing Parcel Lockers in residential buildings offers a myriad of benefits for both property managers and tenants. These benefits include:

1: Protect the parcels from theft

Parcel Lockers employ advanced security strategies, such as smart locking technologies and data access control, to prevent theft within their system.

User authentication features verify identities, and multiple cameras record every interaction for added security and peace of mind.

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2: Faster Delivery at a Lower Cost.

One of advantages of Parcel Lockers is, The system significantly reduce delivery times, streamlining the process for couriers and staff. Parcels can be securely delivered to the lockers without the need for staff to sign for, sort, or distribute them to tenants. The Apudos Parcel Lockers handle it all.

3: Saving space

Parcel Lockers take up considerably less space compared to traditional storage methods, making them suitable for properties of any size. These lockers can be custom-designed to fit any available space, whether in lobbies, hallways, or dedicated parcel rooms.

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4: Saving Time and Money for Staff and Management

By automating the parcel delivery process, Parcel Lockers allow concierge staff to focus on essential tasks without frequent interruptions from deliveries. Removing clutter and reducing the need for manual handling of parcels enhance overall productivity and minimise operational costs.

5: Staying Competitive and Modern

Smart buildings equipped with Parcel Lockers appeal to modern tenants who value convenience and efficiency. With software that can be upgraded and integrated, Parcel Lockers keep residential buildings ahead of evolving technology trends.

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6: Ensuring Parcels Are Never Lost Again

Tenants can have peace of mind knowing that their parcels will be securely handled and delivered, whether they are home or not. Parcel Lockers eliminate the risk of parcels being left in unsafe places, reducing the chances of theft or damage.

7: 24/7 Parcel Collection

Residents can conveniently collect their parcels at any time that suits them, as Parcel Lockers are accessible 24/7. This flexibility ensures a hassle-free experience, regardless of tenants’ schedules.


Parcel Lockers have proven to be a secure and efficient solution for managing parcel deliveries in residential buildings. By deploying modern Parcel Locker security systems, residential buildings can significantly reduce parcel theft, decrease rates of parcel damage and loss, and increase tenant satisfaction. These sophisticated solutions not only keep parcels safe but also enhance the tenant service experience.

Using advantages of parcel lockers in residential buildings showcases a commitment to modernity, convenience, and security. As the popularity of smart buildings and connected homes continues to grow, the adoption of smart Parcel Lockers further enhances a property’s appeal to prospective tenants.

If you are looking to experience secure and efficient delivery services in action, Apudos can help.. Contact our team to discover how Apudos can transform your parcel management process, elevate your tenants’ living experience, and position your property at the forefront of modern property management solutions. With Parcel Lockers, you can ensure seamless and hassle-free parcel deliveries, making your property stand out in the competitive real estate market.