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A new way to secure and organise 100% of your incoming parcel deliveries, built for real estate

Keep track of every parcel, download our app and start automating your parcel management including your resident notifications.
Concierge Plus
Improve efficiencies with our scan to location feature so your teams instantly know where every parcel is stored.
Parcel Lockers
Install our intelligent parcel lockers to remove the burden on front of house teams and provide a 24/7 collection solution for residents.
Multi Locker
A cost effective and more secure alternative to dedicated postal rooms. Dynamically reconfigure to best suit your properties space.
Residents and employees

Make an impression by offering the ultimate convenience to your community.

Provide a quick, easy and convenient way for them to pick up their parcels during a time that works for their schedules – even during after hours.
What We Do

All in one parcel solution.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property we provide a range of parcel management solutions to save time, make the most of your space, and avoid parcel pile up.
Recording deliveries
Quickly and easily record all parcels received, you can even take photos
Secure Pickup
Flexible pick up solutions where everything is tracked, capture images and signatures.
Recipient notifications
Automated recipient notifications, with parcel details and collection instructions
Delivery dashboard
From arrival to pickup view everything on your dashboard, a digital delivery log.
Automatic reminders
Tenants are automatically reminded to collect parcels to help free up storage space.
Analytics and reporting
Delve into the details and output graphs to PDF.
Integrates with your operations

Need more flexibility? No problem

Apudos provides a full end to end solution to parcel management, but we also know that flexibility is important. That is why we have a suite of APIs available and are ready to help with integration to any other systems.

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Our product experts stand ready to assist you in selecting the right configuration for your building, facilitating your installation, and helping you integrate this automated parcel management solution into your system operation.
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